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smileHorny? Yeah, me too! Below you will find links to my erotic stories. First of all…it should go without saying that these stories contain adult content and are for those aged 18+.

My stories are fiction and are based on my fantasies. That being said, each one is inspired by someone I’ve met or chatted with. What can I say? I’m human and feel the same sexual primal urges that have kept the world populated for thousands of years too.

One word of advice…you may want to read with a special partner or alone. Oh, and be prepared to be turned on. If you’re a guy, you may want to read when your, uh, passion won’t be so apparent to those around you! Enjoy     😉

The Boy Next Door I
Cowboy Meets City Gal– Collaboration with Dusty Trails
Home Sweet Home – Verse I – Collaboration with Keeper of the Crimson Quill
Home Sweet Home – Verse II – Collaboration with Keeper of the Crimson Quill
Li’l Bit Country
But Him…Damn!
Hump Day
Two Heads Are Better Than One
Kitchen Heat
A Day at The Beach
Shower Power
What A Rush
Dirty Virgin
Backstage Baby – Part I
Backstage Baby – Part II
A Night at The Gallery
Tied and True
I’m Sorry… Fuck!
Wet and Wild
Friday Night Frolic
Another Day on The Grind
The Music Made Me Do It
Round One
Round 2
Round 3
Good Morning
Customer Service
Up and Away
You are Cordially Invited
Santa’s Gift
Where Can I Freshen Up
The Great Outdoors
A Hike In the Woods
Just Friends?
Bad Girl



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