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the journalOkay…this blog is a little different from what you might expect to find here.  This part isn’t fiction, folks…it’s real life…my life.  It’s not some sex crazed, fantasy blog nor is it a music recommendation.  This isn’t an accounting of my day to day life either,,,it’s more an accounting of my thoughts.

I live alone and lately, quite frankly, I’ve been talking to myself.  In an attempt to seem less crazy – and this even cracks me up – I’ve actually started whispering to myself…you know, so no one can hear me talking to myself… (I did mention I live alone, right?),   I do realize that logically this does not make me seem less crazy at all, so in a final attempt to regain a semblance of my sanity, I’m gonna talk to you instead…



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One thought on “The Journal

  1. Sherre Rohling

    Good read. Similar thoughts & feelings, but I’ve never written them down. For me, it’s not empty nest, it’s a what’s next with my life. I look at my friends and I am terrified of being as boring or settled as they seem to be. Freaking scares the hell out of me! I love being a Nana now, but I don’t want that to define me either. So – I think it is time to actually write down my bucket list – tonight. Thanks for sharing.

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