Johnny’s Got a New Gig!

Saturday night CatCAT’S LITTER BOX

Hey rockers!  Welcome to my new site!  I’m very proud to have an old friend featured in my first Litter Box post in Cat’s Doghouse.  The old friend I speak of is the very sexy and talented Johnny Just Johnny.

I’ve been listening to Johnny’s self published songs for a couple of years now and have followed along with his search for a band to back him up.  Well, Johnny gave up his desire to put together his own band and found an established band to play with.  I am very fucking excited to announce that Johnny is now a member of Cincinnati rockers Life After This!

Johnny let me know when he was going to audition for them and I’ve been sitting on crossed fingers and zipped lips until it was official.  Just about when I thought I was going to explode, Johnny messaged me to tell me it’s official!

Life After This was established in 2013.  Four friends from three different bands came together after internal struggles within each of their bands to make their music and be heard by as many people as possible.  Those four consisted of Matthew Fritsch- Vocals; Josh Donaldson- Guitar, Vocals; Mike Mider- Bass; and Matthew Johnson- Drums. Josh’s decision to leave the band earlier this month left an opening and that’s where Johnny comes in!

I took a listen to this band and was fucking floored by the talent they possess!  Now a guitarist plays an intricate part in any rock and roll band and each has their own style.  Johnny will be performing and writing with Life After This over the next few months before they hit the studio again.  I’m looking forward to hearing how their sound evolves with Johnny as a member.  In the meantime check out Life After This.  Here they are Catching Angels…..


Well boys…don’t know who would go so far as to call me an angel…my fucking horns keep knocking my halo off…but you can definitely call me caught…. ; )

Join me in stalking Life After This on facebook at and follow on twitter at



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6 thoughts on “Johnny’s Got a New Gig!

  1. A Great idea, Kathy – a place 2 howl:) yeah!

    • admin

      Thanks Tomy! owwwwwwuuuuuuuu!!

  2. mary temples

    Love it!! \m/ rock on!

    • admin

      Thanks Mary! I’ll continue to rock on if you do \m/

  3. Sherre Rohling

    Awesome job love! Looking forward to reading more.

    • admin

      Thanks Sherre! Rock and roll baby 😉

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