The Boy Next Door II

We had gotten into the habit of hanging out together in the evenings.  We lived right next door to one another and one or the other of us always had a cold beer to spare. Regardless of the sexual attraction we felt when together, it wasn’t all about sex.  We had similar interests despite the age difference between us.  Technology and music probably topped the list of topics of interest we shared and there never seemed to be any uncomfortable silences on the occasions when we sat outside at the end of day sipping beer and smoking cigarettes.

It was easy hanging out with him and a bit cathartic watching the sun melt behind the mountains along with any stress of the day.  Laughter was commonplace and it was how I reacted the first time he asked me if I was a musician.  We had talked about his musical experience in the past but this was the first time he asked me if I had any.

“Hell no,” I laughed.

“I think that’s why I’m such a fan,” I added more seriously.  I’ve always had admiration for the talent and creativity of musicians.  It was something I couldn’t do myself.  Sure, I had taken some guitar lessons when I was a teenager but even though at that time I could mimic what others created, I knew it wasn’t something that came from inside me.  I was playing someone else’s creative expression, not expressing something that came from my own heart and spirit.  I had felt like a phoney and gave it up before my callouses were even fully developed.

“Well, do you sing then?” he asked next.

“Only in the shower,” I half joked.

“I’d like to hear that,” he smiled crookedly, a mischievous twinkle lighting his dark eyes.

“Right now?” I asked, my own crooked smile daring him to take me up on it.

“No time like the present,” he said raising his eyebrows and standing.  He extended his hand to help me to my feet and led me through my back door and into the master bath off my bedroom at the back of the house.

I set the shower to a hot, steamy temperature and we quickly shed our clothes.  I took my time, allowing my eyes to slide over him as he held back the shower curtain for me to step in. I admired his lean hard body and was pleased to see that every part of him was hard. I felt an intense sense of anticipation burning in my lower belly and I stepped under the water to allow the shower to make the rest of me as wet and hot as I felt between my thighs.

He stepped in after me and faced me as I leaned back into water, closing my eyes and lifting my hands to my long blonde hair, leaving the front of my body open to be touched without resistance.  When the touch didn’t come, I wiped the water from my face with my hands and opened my eyes.

He was standing there, watching me. “Well?” he said, “I’m waiting.”

“Are you serious?” I asked. “You really want to hear me sing? …and here I thought this was all just a ploy to get me naked and wet,” I joked.

He raised an eyebrow in that fucking sexy way he did, crossed his arms across his chiseled chest and simply said, “Still waiting.”

I smiled and quietly sang a few lines from an old Offspring ballad…the Five Finger Death Punch version though…I was a chick but there was no way I could pull off the high notes in the Offspring version.

“Okay,” he said interrupting me, a very serious expression on his face. “I see where you’re going wrong.”  He grabbed the soap, and maneuvered around me, so he was now under the water and facing my back.  He lathered his hands and soaped up my back and ass before he put the soap down.

He circled his slippery hands around my waist and pulled me back against him.  I could feel his hard-on pressing into the small of my back as my head rested back against his chest.  He leaned forward, and whispered into my ear, his hands sliding up my body to cup my tits.  “You’re singing from here.”  His breath was hot in my ear as his hands circled and squeezed.  His fingers pinching and pulling at my nipples.

I reached up and back, my fingers entangling in his soft, wet, brown hair. “That’s not right?” I asked breathlessly as my back arched and pushed my chest harder against his skillful hands. “That’s where my lungs are….”

His tongue licked my earlobe and pulled it between his teeth, nibbling lightly before answering. “No,” he breathed. He moved one hand to the top of my flat belly. “This is your diaphragm,” he pressed his hand against my upper abdomen as his mouth moved down the side of my neck, leaving a trail of hot wet kisses. “Inhale here and push against my hand,” he said softly as his lips made their way back to my ear. “This is where you want your breath to come from.”

His other hand moved down my belly to the triangle of soft pubic hair above my pussy.  My legs opened in response as I lifted onto my tip toes.  “Keep pressing against my hand,” he whispered as his fingers spread the lips of my pussy and circled my clit. I wasn’t sure which hand he was referring to, so I pressed against both. He crouched slightly and I could feel the water of the shower again as it hit the top of my head. The water dripped off the front of my hair, forming rivulets to stream over and between my swollen tits, down my belly and around his hand between my legs. His lips were on my shoulder and his cock, long and hard, was pressed tightly between the cheeks of my ass.  I pressed my abdomen against the hand on my belly and rocked my pelvis against his.  My back was still soaped up between us and feeling his cock slide between the cheeks of my ass was a tremendous turn on. A low guttural moan escaped my lips. “That’s right,” he said into my neck.  “That’s exactly where you want it to come from.” He had long slender fingers and my moan rose a couple of octaves when he slipped one inside me, wiggling and tickling the soft, silky walls of my cunt.

“Nice range,” he said, his voice husky and low behind me.

I kept one hand gripped onto his hair behind my shoulder as my other dropped between my legs and stroked the hand he was fucking me with.  My head fell back and one of my knees came up, opening my legs wider and giving him room to go deeper. I felt the wave of my orgasm crest before it broke. I pointed my toes and gyrated harder against the palm of his hand before it came crashing down on me, sending powerful spasms through my body.  Every one of my muscles tightened and locked as my pussy pulsed around his finger, keeping pace to the rhythm of my pounding heart.   I could feel the blood leaving my head as I held onto him for dear life and cried, “yes…yes..yes, YES!”

He stood straight again and I leaned on him for support for a moment as the fog cleared behind my eyes. I turned to face him, shifting my weight against the shower wall, not quite ready to trust my legs, while I caught my breath.  He grabbed the soap again and gave himself a quick wash as he looked at me and said, “I think you got it.”

He rinsed off and turned to me. I smiled and said, “Well, I don’t know…. I think maybe a should try it with a microphone.”  My eyes went to his very large hard on before returning to his eyes. I gave him a wink and dropped to my knees in front of him.

I wrapped my fingers around him and put my lips to the tip of his cock, red and swollen from the pressure of the blood flowing into it.

“Maybe in another life, I could find you there. Pulled away before your time. I can’t deal, it’s so unfair,” I sang, moving my lips against his swollen tip, darting my tongue out and drinking droplets of warm water with soft licks between lyrics while I stroked his smooth hard length. I was singing from my diaphragm and it actually sounded half decent.  I was tempted to continue singing but a drop of precum forming in the tip of his cock convinced me to wrap my lips around his head and suck instead.

“Oh yeah, baby,” he moaned. “You got it down.”

His hands twisted in my hair and I grabbed his firm round ass in both my hands as he pushed my head farther down his shaft. I wrapped my tongue around him as he rocked his hips back and forth, letting my saliva wash over him – keeping him slippery as he moved between my lips. With every stroke, he pushed a little deeper into my throat.

My eyes were watering and I was afraid I was going to gag when he cried out, “Oh, Fuck, Yeah!”   I felt the muscles in his thighs and ass tighten as my mouth filled with his hot cum. I enjoyed the taste of him and had to swallow a few times before his grip on my hair loosened and his muscles relaxed.

This time it was his turn to lean against the shower wall while I rose to my feet, got under the water and washed up quickly. The water was losing its heat and if I didn’t turn it off soon, we were going to be hit with an unpleasant shot of cold water.  I turned off the water and turned around to find him recovered and reaching for a clean towel. I grabbed my towel off the back of the door, wrapped it around me and went into the bedroom for my robe.

He dried off and dressed and I walked him to the door. “I’m gonna sleep well tonight,” he said as I opened the door for him.

“Oh shit,” I said when he was standing outside the door. “Do I owe you for the singing lesson?  I don’t have cash but I could send you an etransfer….?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “A thousand bucks.”

“Sure,” I said, keeping a straight face. “I’ll send that right away.  The answer to deposit it will be, go fuck yourself.”

We both chuckled.  I closed and locked the door. I sang as I turned off the lights and made my way back to my bedroom to climb into bed. “And it feels, yeah it feels like, heaven is so far away….” Weird…it was such a sad song, yet I couldn’t stop smiling.


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2 thoughts on “The Boy Next Door II

  1. Bill

    Always a wonderful story. So glad you are still writing !

    • Cat

      Thanks for reading Bill 😉

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