The Boy Next Door I

It was Autumn. Much like the season of the year, I too was in the Autumn of my life. Perhaps I wasn’t as late in the season of my life as it was the season of the year. It was literally coming up on late October.  I prefer to think that in my early fifties, I was hanging out in the metaphorical September of my years.

Mother nature had blessed us with a another beautiful fall day so I grabbed my iPod and headed out for a walk. The mornings were still cool so I had pulled a wool sweater over my tank top but after walking for 20 minutes in the warm sunshine, I took it off to let the bare skin of my arms and shoulders soak in the lovely rays. My arms still had nice tone to them and I had been told more than once in recent history how well my jeans fit.  It made me feel sexy and I noticed it put a little more of a sway into my stride.

I wandered through neighborhoods, fields, trails next to streams and parks taking a short break here and there to absorb the beauty of it all. The trees were ablaze in hues of red and gold and as I walked beneath them, the odd leaf here and there would float down around me adding to the enchantment of the day. The walk had built up some adrenaline in me and I could feel the muscles in my thighs and calves tightened and tingling.  I loved that sensation, it made me feel beautiful and strong. My body was lean and trim, though I had become more aware of the effects of aging. I was noticing more and more the toll gravity was taking on me.

Not one to age gracefully…fuck that….I stopped thinking about how aging sucked and started practicing yoga and going for more long walks. It was helping and I was getting to a point that I didn’t mind standing in front of the mirror naked anymore. Not to say I’d compare my body to a fit woman half my age, but for an old chick, I still had it going on.

I had always had small breasts and granted that they didn’t sit quite so high on my chest anymore, they were a long way from reaching my belly button. Age had also made them denser, a bit more of a handful, so to speak….ha! a benefit of aging, go figure. My nipples on the other hand, hadn’t seemed to of aged at all. They still only needed the smallest encouragement to harden and tighten, whether it was a cool breeze that played over them or a hot tongue.

Gravity had done a number on my ass but that was one of the things that the yoga and walking was helping. It’s a sad thing in a woman’s life when she reaches back and wonders where her ass went.  When I had first noticed the round firmness coming back I was so excited that I found myself fondling it in the shower…letting my soapy hands caress soft circles around and down until my palms cupped the firm round muscle, my fingertips reaching between my thighs to softly brush the lips of my pussy while hot water streamed down my arched back…but I digress…I’m sure its understood that I was feeling, and looking, sexy again. So anyway….

I was feeling strong and beautiful walking down the street on my way home. The adrenaline pumping and music blasting through the earbuds in my ears.  It was everything I could do to hold a sense of adult composure and not start dancing down the street.  Weed had just become legal and I didn’t need the embarrassment of some cop stopping me because he thought I was high….wait…let me rephrase….weed had just become legal and I didn’t need the embarrassment of some cop stopping me because I was high. The thought made me giggle and I was still chuckling to myself when I rounded the corner to my neighborhood when I saw my next door neighbor raking the leaves in his front yard.

He had moved in a few months ago and lived alone. He was an attractive man in his mid thirties, with dark hair and eyes. We had chatted many times on the street and over the fence and he was friendly and easy to smile. I didn’t believe I’d ever have a hope in hell of seducing him, (to men my own age and older, I was super hot but he was almost 20 years my junior) but that didn’t mean I hadn’t checked him out a time or two or ten. You know that old saying…I hate to hear you say goodbye but I love to watch you walk away….yeah….really nice ass.  Slim and lean, he was definitely the type I went for, so what was the harm of a little fantasy?

He pulled off his shirt as he stepped into the sunshine on the sidewalk as I approached to say hello. I pulled the earbuds  from my ears and tore my eyes from exploring his biceps defined from the rake work he had been doing, his bare chest and the way his jeans hung from his hips exposing the top of the elastic of his underwear as I returned his smile. We performed all the regular niceities “Nice day!” “Sure is!” etc., etc., before he asked what I had planned for the day.

“I’m officially on vacation,” I replied smiling. “It’s after noon, I’m going to have a beer!”

It was 2:00 pm on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It seemed like a good plan to me.  It must’ve seemed like a good plan to him too because he asked if he could join me. “Hell yeah!” was going through my mind, but what I said was, “You bet.”

“Great. Just let me grab a fresh t-shirt,” he smiled, wiping the sheen of sweat off his brow with the t-shirt in his hand.

“No problem,” I said smiling back. “Whenever you’re ready.”

I headed to my place and took off my own sweaty tank top, threw on a bit more deodorant and pull on a fresh t-shirt.  I was seated in the living room with a cold beer checking my phone notifications when he knocked on the side door.

“It’s open,” I called out. “Beer’s in the fridge.”

He grabbed a beer and joined me in the living room.  Over the course of a couple of beer, we kept to pretty much small talk. The beautiful weather, music, movies and tv shows.  Somehow, the topic turned to sex.  Yeah, okay…I might have been the one to bring it up.  I was still a little high from the joint I had smoked on my walk and the two beer were making me feel very chill…and very open. Besides, no harm in testing the waters, right?

Among talk of sex as a single person, or the lack thereof and the tools available online to make masturbation a little more interesting, I told him how there were always men up to help a girl out and send a dick pic.  As a lark, he asked if he could send me one.

“No!” I said very firmly.

“No?” he asked, lifting an eyebrow.

“Yeah, okay,” I giggled.

He immediately picked up his phone and after some scrolling I heard the text notification come through on my phone.  “Aren’t you going to look?” he asked.

“Of course,” I replied, playing it cool. “Just not when you’re aware of it.”

It seemed to take forever for him to get up to use the washroom.  I immediately picked up my phone. The pic he had sent was very impressive and I suspected it had come from google images. When he returned I played it all coy and innocent. I covered my mouth in awe then said, “If that’s yours, I’m VERY impressed.”

“Want me to prove it?” he smiled.

“No!” I said very firmly.  I had to shift in my seat.  I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. My panties were already wet and sticking uncomfortably to my pussy.  Shifting did not help my situation at all as the seam of my jeans lightly massaged my already throbbing clit.

“No?” he asked again. Could he see what he was doing to me?

“Yeah, okay,” I giggled, giving up any pretense of coolness.

As quickly as he had picked up his phone to send me a pic, he was in front of me, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans.  I forgot about the dick pic…a picture may be worth a thousand words but having the real thing right in front of you was worth a thousand pictures.

He was hard and long and I found my lips wrapping around him, tasting him and sliding my lips and tongue up and down his long shaft. As his hands twined and twisted my hair, my hands found his firm, hard ass and pulled him deeper into my throat. As much as I wanted to taste his cum…to feel it sliding hot and wet down my throat, my disappointment was short lived after he pulled away and helped me to my feet.

He sat on the couch and had me stand in front of him so he could help me out of my jeans and panties. His hands sliding over my hips, ass and thighs as he pushed them to the floor. I was dripping when he turned me around, kicked my ankles gently to spread my shapely legs and guided me by the hips to sit back on him. The ache deep in my lower abdomen was soothed by the rhythmic motion of his cock inside my body as my hands grasped his knees and I swiveled and pumped my hips in time. My soft breath became hard and labored, I turned my face to the ceiling and let out a long moan of pleasure as we came together.

“Fuck me, I need a smoke,” I whispered as I caught my breath.

“Me too,” he chuckled as his hands caressed my inner thighs to my knees and back to stop just short of the lips of my pussy.

I lifted myself off of him and after a quick wipe up, we went through the process of retrieving underwear and jeans to head outside.  I expected that to be it…a wham bam thank you ma’am, but to my delight after we both extinguished our cigarettes, he followed me back into my place.  As I bent over to reach into the fridge and grab us each a fresh beer, he came up behind me, gripping me by the hips and pressing his once again hard cock against my ass.  I smiled.  Goddamn, today was a good day!

“I want you in the kitchen,” he whispered behind me.  Who was I to argue?  In seconds flat, my jeans were a puddle on the kitchen floor and I was on my toes and bent over grasping the kitchen counter as he held me by the hips and drove himself into me once again. Fuck me, his cock felt so good. I was a goner when he pulled my hair hard, causing my back to arch. My pussy contracted violently and I exploded hot cum all over his throbbing, relentless cock.

I have often related great sex to a cat fight…there should plenty of hair-pulling, biting and scratching. This man had skillz. He continued to slide in and out of me despite my shudders, sending off powerful waves of a multiple orgasm. As he slowed I was left weak and trembling.

I pulled away from him and turned to find him still rock hard and glistening with my cum. I didn’t need to be asked. I dropped to my knees in front of him. In honesty, I didn’t think I could stand up much longer anyway.  I took him into my mouth hungrily and licked my sweet juices off of him, leaving him clean and still hard. But again he would deny me a mouthful of his cum.

He once again backed away from me and pulled me to my feet. He led me into my bedroom, set me on the bed and helped me out of my nuisance of a t-shirt and bra.  Laying me down, he knelt between my legs, his tongue teasing and tasting my clit while my fingers massaged and pinched my nipples.  Moaning, I started to cum again but he wasn’t about to show me any mercy. He slid his red, swollen shaft into me, covering himself with my juices once again.  A thought that he might fuck me forever went through my mind and I wasn’t very surprised to realize that I was good with it.  My hot, dripping cunt gripped and released his smooth hardness in time with my gyrating hips to meet him stroke for stroke.

Blood rushed from my head as my body went taunt and I fell into the depths of another powerful orgasm when he pulled out of me, shooting his hot cum across my belly and over my tits.  You can only deny me for so long, I thought. With my eyes closed and a huge smile on my face, I scooped a fingerful of his cum into my mouth. Damn he tasted good…it was worth the wait.

It was another cigarette and beer before he headed back to his place, leaving me a little drunk, a lot spent and humongously happy.  I think Sunday just became my favorite day of the week. Sorry Friday.



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2 thoughts on “The Boy Next Door I

  1. Bill

    Just incredible, as always. It’s been a few years since I’ve caught one of your stories. I’m never disappointed with them. I guess your newer living circumstances certainly haven’t dampened your imagination. I hope you’re getting enough of the real to keep your life interesting!

    • Cat

      Life is what you make it Will, I make mine as interesting as possible! Thank you for your continued support!

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