Focus Your Audio – Shades Away

Hey you! How the hell have you been?  I had to drop by to tell you that a friend of mine sent me his new song.  I’ve been a fan of this particular guitar player for…holy shit…10 years already.

I first came to know Bobby McAloney way back in the day when he and his twin brother Billy sent me music from their band Cupla.  I was immediately mesmerized by the band and did everything I could to help support them…including putting my money where my mouth is.  But alas, in the world of rock and roll everything changes and although Cupla disbanded, I continued to support and follow Bobby as he put away one project and picked up another. I watched and listened while he stretched his creative styles, looking for the one that fit him best.

Well, I think he’s gone and done it!  Bobby has found his niche with new partner, beautiful songbird, Sarah Stewart.  Sarah has her own history of past projects, including singing since childhood in her family band. Together they are Focus Your Audio, a mature, experienced combination of moving acoustic guitar riffs, coupled with poetic lyrics that bare heart and soul. I don’t want to put a label on their style, but I will go so far to say that if you’re a fan of Florence and The Machine (as I am), you’re gonna love Focus Your Audio (as I do).  It just has the same sort of vibe….y’know?

Their single, Shades Away has a haunting beauty. Like the ocean beside where Focus Your Audio live and create, it swells and ebbs in powerful waves. It arouses a heavier, slightly darker emotion in me. When I close my eyes and listen – with earbuds so it blocks out everything else (highly recommended) – it sends tiny chills throughout my entire body and leaves me covered in tiny goosebumps.  It is my honor to share with you, on the day of its debut, the video for Focus Your Audio’s Shades Away.



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