Big Tobacco Company

Hey Rockers, I got a little something to share with you.  Anybody who knows me (and that goes for the regular readers of this blog too! You guys are my bitches!) knows that I like all kinds of music across all kinds of genres.  I like to think of different genres of music as different social cliques…I’ve always been able to wander between them as my mood carries me.  I’m pretty easy going and I guess they must think I’m pretty cool too because they all accept me.

But I am human too…and as sweet as I am….well… sometimes I just lose my fucking shit.  I know…it’s hard to believe but you do understand, don’t you?  Sometimes life just isn’t fair. We all suffer injustices at times. Things get under our skin or someone pushes our buttons and it pisses us off. In fact, it makes us want to fucking scream! It’s at those times that I go hang with the heavy metal clique.

Heavy metal guys are the sweetest fucking people you’ll ever have the honor to meet.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again because it bears repeating – I believe it’s because they express all their aggression through the art of their music.  We as fans….well, how can I express this in the most pagan way possible? Oh, I know….pray to our heavy metal gods to exercise the demons within ourselves.  We bang our fucking heads, pound our fists in the air and slam into one another (or trip over furniture as the case may be if listening at home alone), all to match the heavy, complicated and chaotic music that has infused our souls and taken over our bodies. But this process does not leave us empty, bruised and bloodied hollows…yeah, okay…sometimes bruised and bloodied but no, never empty and hollow. As luck would have it, our gods are not done with us. As the demons are outcast, those motherfuckers fill us once again with our own strength and vitality!

I very recently had a moment of losing my shit and found that the Big Tobacco Company was just my cup of tea…okay, maybe the tea was laced with a little whiskey….okay, okay, maybe there was no actual tea in the cup…it doesn’t fucking matter.  What matters is, if the world has kicked you in the guts recently and you feel the need to fucking scream, if the demons are tearing you apart from the inside out, then raise your whiskeys (or tea, I don’t fucking care…I’m not judgey) with me and let us pray to the heavy metal gods knownst as thee Big Tobacco Company…..

Big Tobacco Company – DOOM SHOOM

Now comes the time to sacrifice to the gods! You can keep your fist born and don’t go slaughtering any livestock, okay?…they’ll settle for likes and follows….the links are below:

Big Tobacco Company website

Big Tobacco Company on twitter

Big Tobacco Company channel on YouTube

Big Tobacco Company on Facebook

Oh…they said they’ll also accept virgins…


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