Modern Day Poets – Say Hey

“The world is on fire…I’m lying in bed…”

Already you fucking know this is going to be one sexy song.  Modern Day Poets‘ frontwoman, Jina Anika gets raw and provacative, in their new single, Say Hey. Her breathy, seductive voice pulls the listener into a restless heat with lyrics that light a fire of desire in all our fun places, heheheh.

Professionally recorded by Crash Bang Booom, with new friend Scotty Olson who engineered and co-produced along with Regan Lane and David Mark, Modern Day Poets continue to make music with a serrated edge.  Music and lyrics that breath raw passion and get down and dirty…just like Rock n Roll should fucking be.

The video for Say Hey, filmed by the young Hannah McArthur, an up and coming film maker (after seeing this video, that’s my prediction anyway), encapsulates that desperate youthful passion and energy. Perhaps it is because Hannah is still a teenager herself, but whatever the reason, she nailed it! She visually showcases the restlessness of the night by taking us through city streets, graffiti filled tunnels and ending in the hot, sweaty energy of live music in the club, the whole time keeping Jina’s sensuality front and centre. It’s fucking hot!!

But hell…don’t take my word for it…..


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