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When asked if I would review How Much More?,the latest CD release from Long Island, NY rockers Ivory Tower Project, I was excited by the prospect. I agreed to do it before I’d even heard the music because I absolutely loved their back story.  Regardless that it was fraught with pain and suffering, it was a story that spoke of how the creative spirit of human nature can overcome struggle and adversity, spilling over to help comfort and heal those of us who are facing our own challenges. I believe in the music heals concept.  And not just for musicians but for fans as well.

How Much More? is the follow up album to the well received Red Hot album of 2008, and probably would have been released much sooner if not for the car accident in 2009 that left front man Mark Regula nearly crippled and in chronic pain. Mark, together with band-mate and co-creator Tony Novarro, have created an emotional yet triumphant musical journal of his experience in pain as well a tribute to their past fallen band members and friends, Johnny Jace and Sal DiAngelo.

Ivory Tower Project was originally formed in the 80s and true to their style, their album promotes and rekindles the classic sound of 70 and 80s rock/pop. Throughout the tracks you can find elements of the corporate rock that gave the band Boston great success (prominent in the guitar riffs) as well as a mixture of the R&B and soul style of the east coast, surfer rock from the west coast, and yes…even a little Tejano from down south. Their ability to mix styles and influences gives a unique sound to their genre and, although it may sound familiar, it’s completely new.

Their genre isn’t one that I personally go out of my way to listen to….just a little too much of that 80s pop element. It just isn’t my style. But that being said, my admiration for the perseverance and creative energy that produced this album makes it noteworthy in this blog. Besides…I really do love the guitar riffs! (So 70s and 80s classic rock…won’t find those riffs in an 80s pop song!)

If classic 70s and 80s rock/pop is your thing, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you are going to love this album. Take a listen below…note that I picked my favorite from the album to share, so it has the heavy elements of a rock anthem (including of course, great guitar riffs!).

Ivory Tower Project – The Ides of March (Et Tu Brute?)

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  1. Thanks so much Cathy for your wonderful review. You ROCK!

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