Procrastination – Cam Stiles Trio

SN CatProcrastination…can’t think of a better album to write about after procrastinating on writing in this blog for so long…pretty fucking fitting, ha!

The Cam Stiles Trio is local to Duncan, British Columbia but is a popular bar and event band across Vancouver Island.  Made up of three ol…ahem…mature and experienced men, their audience friendly show never fails to entertain.  Drawing from rock, blues and country influences, the Cam Stiles Trio use their experience and wide range of influences to please their audiences.  Their performances perfectly blend a mix of covers and original music that keep heads boppin’ and toes tappin’.  Come to think of it… if you’re out having a good time boppin’ ‘n tappin’ all evening, you’re more likely to have a little fun boppin’ ‘n tappin’ a whole different way when you get home…no wonder they’re so popular…

cam stiles trioYou are all aware of how much I fucking love original music – well, unless you’re a first time reader.  For my first time readers – I fucking love original music!  So when Cam passed me their EP, Procrastination, consisting solely of original tunes, I was tickled pink.

The tracks are, each on their own, reflective of a certain style and influence.  Throughout the EP I picked up nuances of Johnny Cash, The Allman Brothers Band, Roy Orbison and yeah, I think even a little Deep Purple.  The lyrics are simple yet clever. One of my favorites is their title track, Procrastination. Have a listen….


You can catch more of their tunes on the band profile section of their facebook page.  The direct link is here – while you’re there, shoot em a like too!  If you live in the area, try to catch one of their shows and have fun, uh…boppin’ ‘n tappin’………….. : ) 


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