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Saturday night CatThis past week was a fucking rocking one for me!  It included a show in Nanaimo.  Big Sugar’s Yard Style acoustic tour hit the Port Theatre, Wednesday, March 11 and blew the minds of all who were in attendance.   Then on Thursday morning I received big news from two of my favourite hard rocking, shit kicking bands out of the UK.

The first big news came in the form of a new single release from British alternative hard rock/metal artists NG26.  I’ve been tuned in and turned on by this band for a few years now.  Formed in 2009 and comprised of two sets of brothers, this band draws on decades of hard rock and metal influence to create a wall of sound that will knock you on your ass.  Their new single, Never Enough is now available for purchase at Bandcamp!

The second big news came to me on the same day from Connor Ormerod of Revival …and wouldn’t you know it…it had to do with Holier Than Thou Records too!  That’s right! Revival has been signed to Holier Than Thou Records!  This would be exciting for any band looking for a leg up in the saturated market that is rock and roll and I’m fucking thrilled that it’s happening for Revival!

I first heard Revival tunes on an online radio show…fuck that…on THE online radio show, My Jaded Remedy with DJ Crystal Myth on!  They are a favourite of Crystal’s so you know they gotta kick ass in the tunes department.  Comprised of Connor Ormerod – Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals; James McDonough – Lead Guitar and Scream Vocals; Owen Ashworth – Drums and Backing Vocals; and Shane Tomlinson – Bass Guitar, these guys prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Manchester UK has a hell of a lot more to offer than just an incredible football club!  Don’t believe me?  Fuck you, check em out for yourself….

Visit Holier Than Thou Records to view the official announcement at  Oh…and while you’re there you may want to check out another Holier Than Thou Records band – Aggressive Chill!  I did and they fucking knocked me out!  God damn I wish I were a stronger swimmer.  I’d take on the Atlantic to headbang to a live show of any of these bands any fucking day of the week…. ; )


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