Lethal Chaos – Sidewinder

Saturday night CatHey rockers!  It’s been awhile…how the fuck are ya?  Last time I checked in I was telling y’all about rocking out to some fucking kickass local rock n roll on New Years Eve.  One of my very favorite things in life is witnessing and hearing new bands breath their essence and influence back into rock…so I couldn’t resist when my friend, Crystal Hamaker of Struckgold Music, asked me to take a listen to new music from Lethal Chaos – a band she promotes. 

Let me tell you a little thing about my friend Crystal.  Not only does she promote music from artists such as Lethal Chaos and Josh Stone but she is also DJ Crystal Myth on My Jaded Remedy at mojoradio.us on Sunday evenings at 7 pm EST.  One listen to her show and you’ll discover that Crystal is a fucking huge Hard Rock/Metal snob.  She only supports and plays the best!

Having received an iTunes gift card from my kids for Christmas and itching to make a redemption, I picked up Lethal Chaos, Sidewinder on Crystal’s recommendation.  The album opens with Snakebite.  The drums, reminiscent of tribal beats, put a sexy sway on my hips right from start.  As if that weren’t enough to get the…ahem…juices flowing, the lyrics ripe with references of original sin are fucking sexy as hell.

Snakebite, gripped tight, tripped right I’m a prisoner of sin, so open up and let me in…oh yeah….come on…Snakebite, so tight, so free to do it all over again, open up and let me in….

Are you fucking kidding me? Oh yeah, my jeans got a little slippery listening to this tune.  Can’t say I blame Eve…if I was faced with that kind of temptation I would’ve taken a big fucking juicy bite out of that fucking apple too!

The band, heavily influenced by 80’s hard rock and metal bring on a heavy sound of drums and bass intermittently mixed with soul shaking guitar solos that will keep those sub-woofers vibrating and your heart pounding consistently throughout the album.  Rob Elliot’s vocals have a modern edge that blends progressive alternative with classic hard rock perfectly.  The whole package is what gives Lethal Chaos a very distinct and original sound while simultaneously stays true to their roots and to those they are inspired by.

From the soulful simplicity of Perfect Enemy to the chilling subject matter of Battlefield and beyond to the chaos set to music in Half Alive, I am fucking digging this album! I’ll leave you with Snakebite…the one that got me all hot and bothered….oooo yeah baby….come on! Oh yeah, I should mention….I also have it on very good authority about who this song was written for and about.  Is there something you have to confess Crystal….?  Ah, c’mon…I don’t need to know everything… just the dirty parts will suffice……………… ; )




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