Rocking in the New Year Under the Mountain

Happy New Year rockers!  2015 is sure to be a good one for me considering the manner in which it was brought in.  Let me be more specific….it fucking rocked!  For 2 1/2 years Nanaimo hard rockers Under the Mountain have been working on releasing their first CD and this New Year’s Eve/Day it finally became a reality for the band and their devoted fans….myself included. 

The Cambie Bar in Nanaimo played host to the hottest party in town with a line-up of musicians that couldn’t miss.  Shotgun, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia popped their cherry, performing to Vancouver Island rock fans for the first time and set the mood for the evening.  Their style of Progressive Rock is easy to move to and has a sexy haunting sound that especially appeals to me.  Nobody had to twist my arm to part with 10 bucks and pick up their CD, Chaos.  This is the title track off that CD and is just one example of the 13 jewels tracked on it.


Next to hit the stage were crowd favorites Trace the Sky.  Recently, I viewed Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters’ documentary series Sonic Highways. The episode shot in Seattle Washington in particular struck a chord with me.  Dave speaks of how far removed Seattle is to the rest of the country and how few musical artists toured to Seattle.  As a result, Seattle had to make it’s own music scene.  That is sooo fucking Vancouver Island and Trace the Sky is a major player of the music scene Nanaimo has created.  Pulling elements of Skateboard Punk, Metal and Alternative Rock together, Trace the Sky has created a formula and style that appeals to rockers of all ages.  This one in particular never fails to get their fans clapping, singing, jumping and fucking headbanging all at the same time.


Next to take the stage and bring us into 2015 was Under The Mountain.  Let me tell ya…nothing puts a party into high gear like hard driving rock n roll music and Under The Mountain has that sound fucking nailed!  Raw and full of energy, Fred Xie’s drums lay a foundation for wicked bass lines from Curt Patrick and screaming riffs from Myles Young.  Steve Plantz’s vocals are the cherry on top for any rock and roll junkie and proving beyond a shadow of doubt that this town is theirs!


But to tell you the truth… One of my favorite parts of the night was Myles Young’s Mom.  She’s a huge fan of the band and when she’s “celebrating”…well, lets just say she likes to talk.  You’d be horrified, Myles, to know what she told me about you….but don’t worry…it’s all good….well maybe except for the part where “you look just like your Dad….pity”….her words, not mine, bwahahahahahahahaha. Oh fuck…my bad…my very FAVORITE part of the evening was getting my brand fucking new CD signed by the band!

As if that weren’t enough…and my personal opinion being that when it comes to live rock music, too much is never enough…No Operator took the stage to rock us deeper into the early morning hours.  No Operator is a personal favorite of mine, and just can’t go wrong.  The musical genius behind the band is amazing and topped off with TJ Muhl’s vocals…well, just let me say that this band is made for stardom.  Too bad it’s gonna happen like most greats….behind it’s time.  It has been too advanced for 2014…let’s hope the rock fans of 2015 can catch up.


In case you were wondering…I did have a new years kiss…it was with my girl, Amber, Mistress of Metal, who also happened to show at the party stagette…eat your hearts out boys…………………….. ; )

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