7 Roads South – What’s Next

Saturday night Cat7 Roads South has come out with new music!  What’s Next is a politically charged song that sends a message to the powers that be that we see what their doin and we don’t fucking like it.  It’s not a new story and the sound clips that are added to the music remind us that this is an issue America has been dealing with for more than 50 years.

All over the world we are hearing of self-indulgent so called “leaders” screwing over the population they are supposed to be serving.  7 Roads South in the true rock n roll spirit of rebellion uses their art to relay a prominent “fuck you” in the face of these powers, focusing primarily on their home front.

The music in itself is reminiscent of Alice Cooper in his heyday.  This isn’t a song for 13 year old girls to sing along to.  The crunchy guitar riffs will appeal to the guys and the sexy vocals will set off the women who love bad boys.  I invite you to check out it out!


This band is still in its growing and evolving stage and I’m looking forward to following their progress.  It’s apparent they already have balls…and y’all know how much I love balls….. ; )

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7 Roads South – facebook, twitter, website

Cat Hennebury – facebook, twitter, website



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