Rock the Shores – Day 3

Saturday night CatWhat’s better than 2 rock filled days of live music?  That’s right…3 rock filled days of live music and I was there to continue to rock out at the Rock the Shores music festival in Colwood, BC in July!

I was very excited for this day for a number of reasons.  First, the line-up was ridiculously good.  Second, I had the chance to catch a new band from Ontario that I had just started listening to and fell in love from first listen.  Third, I was only volunteering for 6 hours on this day, which left the rest of the day to rock out up close with the crowd.

So let’s start with the line-up.  Flash Lightnin, The Stanfields, July Talk, The Kongos, Loverboy, The Wallflowers, Mother Mother and wrapping up the weekend and headlining, Our Lady Peace!  Unfortunately, one of the bands I was most excited about catching, The Wallflowers, didn’t make it to the show…it was disappointing but thankfully the rest of the talent that did show made me forget about my disappointment quite quickly.

The new band I was squirming in my panties to see was Flash Lightnin!  If you haven’t heard this band, you gotta fucking get out more.  I picked up their album, For the Sinners, and there is not even one disappointing track.  It’s fucking killer…check it out!  They opened the show and wouldn’t you know it…my shift was access control at the front gates.  You can’t get farther from the stage than the front gates unless you’re outside the venue.  Although I couldn’t see them, I could hear them and I was shaking my ass and singing as I applied wristbands to concert goers.  One of those concert goers happened to be Mama Flash!  She was excited to have her boy close and to see him perform…well, and to cook him dinner.  Such a good mom.


The Kongos

I wrapped up my shift during the Kongos’ set and I booted down to stage front to catch these guys play.  If you think you haven’t heard the Kongos, you’re probably mistaken.  These brothers have a style and sound that appeals to so many, they get fucking airplay on almost every radio station in North America.  They had the crowd jumping and clapping their asses off.

After their set I quickly set off to change out of my sweaty volunteer shirt into a tank top.  As it happened, the tank I brought with me was merch that I had purchased from a local Nanaimo band, Under the Mountain.  Turned out that Myles and Steve from Under the Mountain were in attendance at Rock the Shores that day.  I was lounging on the grass when they happened to walk past me with friends.  I caught Myles’ eye and pointed out my shirt.  His friends also noticed.  My favorite part of the weekend came next when one of their friends – obviously a chick of great taste – called out to Steve, “Steve!  Come here and look at her boobs!” ….I fucking howled!

Next on stage was 80’s favorite, Loverboy.  I was a huge Loverboy fan back in the day.  Mike Reno and the band haven’t lost their touch.  They sound exactly the same as they did decades ago.  One thing I discovered though…I think I liked the 80’s better when I was stoned.

Mother Mother

Mother Mother

Mother Mother is always a crowd favorite in the Victoria, BC area.  Hailing from Quadra Island, they are considered local and have very dedicated fans on Vancouver Island.  They continue to be one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen.  Their show is highly energetic and it’s always a hoot for me to see fans of all ages jumping, clapping and singing along with them.

Headlining and wrapping up the entire weekend were Canadian rockstars Our Lady Peace! These guys have been around for more than a couple of decades and have a ton of material but I was thrilled when they opened with one of their early hits and one of my personal favorite by them, Superman’s Dead!  And that’s the one I’m gonna share with you….




It was a tremendous weekend with tremendous artists and music and I was in my fucking glory to be a part of it! I can’t wait for July to come again because when Atomique Productions decide to Rock the Shores again, I’m gonna fucking be there……… ; ) 

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