Rock the Shores – Day 2

Saturday night CatRead Rock the Shores – Day 1

Okay…so last time I was telling you about the fucking awesome rock festival in Colwood, BC I attended in July.  Day 2 was my big volunteer day.  I was scheduled to work for 12 hours…6 in the artist merch tent and 6 at the info booth.

I loved working the merch tent.  You all know I’m about supporting the musicians that create the music that have become the soundtracks of our lives.  There was only one downfall….I couldn’t see the fucking stage!  As it happened, the bands that I would have really loved to see perform all played while I was baking in the suffocating heat of the tent.  It was an incredibly hot day and those of us in the tent had to go out into the sun to cool down….at least there was a breeze!

The bands on day 2 that I really wanted to see were The Dudes, Sloan, The Roper Show, Daniel Wesley, Monster Truck and 54-40.  The Dudes, Sloan, The Roper Show and Daniel Wesley all played while I was in the tent.  I didn’t get to see them perform but I do have to say, I did hear them and being in the tent did not stop me from rocking out to the amazing rock and roll coming from the stage.  I danced, I sang, I sold.

After my shift in the tent, I made my way to the info tent and was thrilled to find I could see Monster Truck performing!  I was at the back of the venue so the band was like a mile away….okay…that’s a bit of an exaggeration…it was only half a mile away.  I was there for about 15 minutes when one of the volunteer coordinators asked if one of us could work access control at the drink ticket booth where more help was needed.  I’m pretty adaptable and I didn’t have a problem switching out, so away I went.  Well, sometimes things work out very well because the drink ticket booth was way closer to the stage!

Although it was a very busy evening I did get to catch glimpses of Monster Truck, 54-40 and Billy Talent!  It was a long day and my feet were aching, I was hot and sweaty but I have never enjoyed working so much in my life!  All the artists performing during the day were outstanding and the killer rock gave me the energy and drive to get through my shifts with a big smile on my face.

I’m gonna share one from The Dudes…these guys know how to rock all night and party all weekend!  I fucking LOVE them! This is Girl Police….

The usual links:

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Cat Hennebury: facebook, twitter, website


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2 thoughts on “Rock the Shores – Day 2

  1. Diamond Rose

    Sweet. I’d like to play around there!!

    • Cat

      It’s a beautiful place to play in, Diamond Rose 😉

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