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Saturday night rocked at the Cambie once again (big fucking surprise)!  I headed to Nanaimo to welcome back rocker friends, No Operator from their tour of British Columbia and Alberta and of course to give metal band Carry the Storm a hard time about still not releasing their upcoming EP!  As it turned out my ears were given a new treat!  Vancouver band Ugly Men closed the show and let me tell you boys and girls, they fucking rock!  But let’s start at the beginning….

Carry the Storm opened the show and fucking rocked it as usual!  I was hoping this was going to be their EP release party for On Broken Shores but apparently it takes fucking money to produce a CD.  What a fucking catch-22…need to sell music to get money, need money to produce music to sell.  As it happens they have a couple of singles on Bandcamp that are available for purchase.  The musicianship is fucking incredible, the lyrics amazing!  If you have a couple of bucks and you like to rock it fucking hard, please, please, please head over to and help them get this fucking EP out!!  This is one of my favorites and wouldn’t you know it? It’s available to buy!



Next to take the stage were the very sexy and charismatic No Operator!  I absolutely fucking love these guys and judging by crowd reaction I’m not the only one!  What can I say about these guys that I haven’t already said?  That they’re sexy? …no, said that.  How about that they are one of the fucking best live acts I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in the audience for?  I’ve probably referred to it before, but what the fuck…it bears repeating!  Much like their tunes, their performance is tight and energetic.  As mentioned above, they just came off a road trip performing for audiences across British Columbia and Alberta and I fucking know anyone who was lucky enough to catch them knows exactly what I mean!   

As a special treat they graced us with a couple of new tunes yet to be released…fingers crossed that it means a new No Operator CD in the near future.  The only thing…my girl Amber, responsible for booking the acts at the Cambie was a little disappointed they didn’t play her favorite song, so this one’s for you chick!


Closing the show was Vancouver band Ugly Men.  Hell yeah, I do love a threesome!  For fuck sake’s, I’m talking about bands, perverts.  Although…it was mentioned that these guys must get laid a lot….after all, what girl hasn’t slept with an ugly man….bwahahahahaha!  Well let me tell you…there is nothing ugly about Jon Wu, Scott Whalen and Phil Gardner…the three very sexy guys who make up Ugly Men.  And Jon Wu!  Holy shit!  What a fucking impressive guitar player.  Not only can the man play, he does this fucking sexy guitar swing, flinging it behind his back and then back up over his shoulder to catch it again and continue playing!  Nice fucking move Jon!

Their music is entirely original and rocks fucking hard, though I do hear they do a spin off of Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back, where they bring Ugly Back…I’m a little disappointed they didn’t play it.  That’s as far as my disappointment went…their music and their show was nothing if not impressive!  But fuck me and my mouth…for fucks sake’s, I’m not talking about a blowjob, perverts…less talk…more listening…. ; )


The usual links:

Carry The Storm: facebook, bandcamp

No Operator: facebook, twitter, YouTube

Ugly Men: facebook, twitter, YouTube

The Cambie Bar, Nanaimo: facebook, twitter, website

Cat Hennebury: facebook, twitter, website





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