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I was recently sent a link to another fucking killer Canadian rock band, and well, you know me…. I can’t keep my fucking mouth shut.  The link came from my friend Roy Galpin and I’ll tell ya, Roy has yet to let me down.  The band he turned me onto this time is Toronto’s Flash Lightnin’.

Darren Glover (guitars/vocals), Darcy Yates (bass), and producer Gavin Brown, the rockers that are Flash Lightnin’ are another prime example that rock is alive and kicking fucking ass in Canada!  I listened to their tune Dirty Penny and was impressed, then I turned on One Pill and was instantly addicted.  Now I can’t get enough! 

It only makes sense considering their latest album For the Sinners is chock full of songs relating to the addictive nature of the beast we like to refer to as civilized human society.  Whether your weakness is drugs, sex or the one that got away (fucking stalker), you’ll find a kinship in Flash Lightnin’s lyrics.  I’m thinking for me it’s a little of all of the above with a heavy dose of music addiction.  I didn’t stand a chance!  To put it into context, Roy was the pusher and now I’m a hopeless Flash Lightnin’ junkie.

Lucky for you this junkie likes to share her stash….come on boys and girls, all the cool kids are doing it……


I chose the above video to share only because it was the latest to show up on their YouTube channel (yeah, fucking stalker) but to be honest, I could’ve shared any of their songs to hook you!  I highly recommend you inject some original rock and fucking roll and get it pulsing through your veins by giving their album For the Sinners a listen.

These boys are also hitting the road and heading west, scheduled to play a couple of my favorite venues including the Rock the Shores music festival in Victoria, BC on July 13 and Average Joe’s Sports Bar and Grill in Lethbridge, AB on September 23rd.  For a full schedule of their tour, hit www.flashlightnin.com/shows.  Chances are good that I’ll be in the audience at Rock the Shores (yeah, fucking stalker) ….. ; )

The usual Links:

Flash Lightnin’: twitter, facebook, soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube, website

Roy Galpin: twitter, facebook

Cat Hennebury: twitter, facebook, website



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