Birthday Bash at the Cambie

Saturday night CatCAT’S LITTER BOX

Hey rockers, I really didn’t expect to write this particular post…after all, how many times can I talk about the Cambie in Nanaimo?  Well, I guess as long as I keep seeing fucking great Independent Bands playing there, I’ll keep writing.

Under the Mountain was playing there this weekend and simply put, I fucking love this band!  I didn’t think there was anything new I could say about the them until they fucking get around to releasing their EP…. yeah, that was a subtle hint…well, maybe not so subtle….. but their show Saturday brought on new fodder to talk about.  For one thing, Steve – guitarist and vocalist – performed without a fucking hangover!  I wouldn’t have thought it possible but seeing is believing!

What a fucking treat!  Don’t get me wrong…regardless of the fact that every other time I’ve seen them he has been hungover, they fucking kill it every time.  This time though, they fucking killed it and then continued to kick the shit out of it.  Most definitely the best Under the Mountain show I’ve seen so far. 

Saturday was a special performance as Myles Young’s (lead guitar, backing vocals for Under the Mountain) younger brother was celebrating his 19th birthday!  Welcome to manhood Riley!  I’d like to say it was a night Riley won’t soon forget but judging by how many birthday shots he was served, I highly doubt he remembers much, hehehe…oh to be 19 again.

Under the Mountain shared the stage with two other bands that I have previously not had the pleasure of seeing perform.  Deep Space Burnout opened the show and were fucking incredible!  Yet another killer Nanaimo band consisting of Dan Biehler – lead guitar and lead vocals, Sean Doran – drummer and vocals, Tommy McMillan – bass and vocals, and Wayne McGougan – rhythm guitar, lead guitar and vocals.  They describe their music as bluesy groovy crunchy metal and that pretty much sums them up perfectly.  Here’s a live recording of them performing What I Want….


One of other special treats of the night was when Dan Biehler joined Under the Mountain on stage to perform Alice In Chain’s Man in The Box.  The crowd went fucking insane!

Also performing and wrapping up the show was Vancouver Island’s CHUNKASAURUS, affectionately known by peers as Chunky Sore Ass….hahaha….too fucking funny.  Normally I wouldn’t put such a derogatory remark in my blog, but their sense of humour is as immense as their talent.  Made up of Andrew Locke – Bass, Derek Mattin – Guitar/Vocals, and Jon Holden – Drums, their sound is hard driving rock.  Oh yeah, they rock hard but what impressed me most is that they are one of those bands that are more concerned with having a great fucking time and making music more than making money.  The proof is that they offer their EP free of charge, or better yet…invite you to steal it.  You can get yours at  Oh fuck it…you can preview it here first….


Not only did CHUNKASAURUS put on a great show but lead vocalist Derek Mattin also did double duty as soundman for all three bands.  The Cambie’s regular soundman had an unfortunate accident (we all hope he’s okay) and was unable to be there.  Derek stepped up and did an incredible job of making all the bands sound amazing!  Great job Derek…you’re a fucking hero!

I had a fucking awesome time as usual, meeting new people and listening to great local music.  It’s an experience I’m coming to expect every time I visit the Cambie.  I highly suggest you check out the local scene where ever you might live, and if that happens to be on Vancouver Island, drop into the Cambie in Nanaimo – great live music every weekend and who knows?  You just might bump into me there…just be gentle about it…I bruise easily…… ; )

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