Cowboy Meets City Gal


a collaboration with Dusty Trails

I met her accidentally walking thru the lobby of a big hotel in a darn big city to get a room for a few days. I say accidentally because I happened to bump into her taking in all the surroundings as I was casually strolling toward the registration desk and not paying attention to anyone coming toward me. So happened my elbow brushed against her breast pardon me ma’am as our eyes met when I stepped back tip’n my hat. I smiled look’n into her twinkle’n blue eyes and she was shor nuff a looker. Long blonde hair that flowed over her shoulders to a tank top exposing enough of her beautifully tanned breasts MMmm darl’n if your heart is as beautiful as your breasts I may be in love! Her radiant smile as her eyes moved look’n me up and down with a sexy lick of her lips Cowboy if your pecker is as hard as your elbow I’m in room 314!

Some folks seem to feel since we talk slow we think slow and that ain’t exactly true. As any professional rodeo’n bull rider will tell ya, ya ain’t gonna stay on a bull for 8 seconds if ya think slow. A rodeo bull has more moves than a belly dancer in heat and ya best be think’n as fast or you’ll be eat’n dirt faster than a minnow can swim a dipper. We ain’t stupid either so I smiled bigger darl’n how bout me bunk’n up with you rather than get another room? Here I was think’n how fast I am on my feet when she grins like Cat’s meow (pun intended) how about we give it a test ride then decide, are you UP for that her eyes notice’n the rather large bulge rise’n in my Wranglers and it appears you are as I felt her hand gently squeeze a hard on that had to look and feel like I was gonna pole vault to wherever we had to go to get naked quick! All this happen’n in a matter of a few minutes, me think’n to get a room only to start think’n how to get in her womb. I hadn’t even noticed I’d drop’d the hang’n leather bag I had over my shoulder till now as I reached down to pick it up notice’n her sexy look’n belly button, firm shapely thighs and legs that’d make ZZtop go Yeah darl’n!

As we got in the elevator another couple entered with us. I said Howdy folks as I held her close in front of me so they couldn’t see the state of my passion even as she was wiggle’n her sweet feel’n butt against it. The couple appeared to ignore us but I could see the lady sorta look’n out the corner of her eye. I’m from Texas and we’re used to being hot, where y’all from? No answer and by this time we’re to the 3rd floor nice meet’n y’all too as we left’em. Darl’n are all these folks up here like that couple? She just laughed so you’re from Texas. Yep darl’n born and raised! Before I could even ask where she lived I was born to get a RISE out of you so come on Tex let’s ride!! Good thing the door to her room shut automatically cause she started shuck’n her top and strip’n her tight fit’n pants off like we didn’t have a New York minute to spare! I tossed my bag over a chair look’n at her already naked jump’n in the bed and me think’n I’m gonna tease this gal Texas style just to slow her down a bit. Come on Tex get out of those jeans wet’n her lips with a pouty look like she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch! I loosened my belt buckle as I slip’d off my boots, took my shirt off then slowly started slide’n my jeans down over my hips. I never wear shorts so Charlie (that’s my pecker with a mind of his own) was about ready to show his hard throb’n self when I took my hat and hung it on Charlie and began move’n my hat up and down hands free Darl’n this is a cowboy salute Texas style as I moved toward her. Tilt’n her head back with my finger under her chin Now say howdy to Charlie he’s all yours darl’n!


“Well, howdy Charlie,” I giggled as I watched this handsome cowboy’s hat bounce up and down. “Charlie should take his hat off and set a spell,” I said as I looked up into his eyes. The passion and playfulness I saw in them deepened the ache I had first felt in the lobby when he bumped into me. He was brazen and definitely not shy. My comment back to him had meant to shock but he, er had definitely risen to the challenge I gave him.

I had spent the morning in the spa and was feeling beautiful and relaxed…perhaps the wine I had consumed had given me the courage to be so brazen myself. Oh what the fuck…I was horny and he was available and apparently willing. And let’s face it…this cowboy wasn’t the only one who could ride a bronc!

I rose to my knees, pressing my body against his, my hands roving over his shoulders and chest, my fingers lightly tracing the many scars rodeo riding had ravaged upon his torso. Charlie still hadn’t removed his hat and it was pressed against my flat belly. My lips found his skin and I sent a trail of soft kisses against the hard muscle of his chest, my tongue tasting his salt as I moved over him.

One of his hands intertwined in my long soft hair as the other ran down the length of my spine. The calloused roughness of his hand upon the smoothness of my skin sent shivers of desire through me. I had never been one to take things slow and I raised my eyes to his once more.

“Someone should have taught Charlie that it’s impolite to wear a hat in the presence of a lady,” I said with a wicked little grin as I removed the hat from between us and tossed it over my shoulder. My eyes widened with delight as they took in Charlie. He was long and hard and the ache I had been feeling between my legs was accompanied by a warm gush of fluid as my pussy pulsated with want and need.

Keeping my hands on his shoulders, I repositioned myself so I was seated on the bed facing him. I opened my legs feeling the hair on his legs tickle my inner thighs as I lowered my head to Charlie, my tongue teasing at first. Charlie stood at attention as I started at his base, slowing tasting my way to his tip and then gently flicking over him as I held him with my lips.

A soft moan escaped from the cowboy’s other head as my tongue was rewarded with a taste of his pre-cum. I moaned in return as I took him deeper into my wet mouth, my hands running down his chest and hard stomach before moving behind him to grab his ass and pull him closer to me. His other hand joined the first in my hair and he pushed my head further down his long shaft. As my head bobbed up and down his lovely cock, I moved faster and sucked harder. I felt his muscles tense under my hands and his balls tighten against my chin. I moaned again, knowing full well that the vibration of it against his cock would release the real treat!

He pulled my head back by my hair as he pulled away from me. “Perhaps someone should have taught you a lady shouldn’t talk with her mouth full,” he teased as he regained control. He dropped to his knees in front of me, maneuvering his body between my open thighs and pulled one nipple into his hot mouth. His tongue mimicked the trick mine had done on the head of his cock and I moaned with pleasure as my head fell back opening my body wide open to the magic his mouth and hands were performing on my body. His lips kissed their way across my chest to my other tit and rock hard nipple as his fingers found their way between my legs to press down hard on my clit. The circular pressure caused my legs to tremble and I felt another gush of wetness release as he penetrated me with one long finger while his thumb continued its lovely pressure on my clit.

His mouth left my now swollen breast and he pushed me down on the bed without rising from his knees. Lifting my legs, he placed them on his shoulders and the pressure of his fingers and thumb were replaced by the cool wetness of his tongue and the heat of his breath. His tongue ran along the lips of my cunt before his lips found the swollen and hard nub of my clit and he sucked hard, his tongue flicking it back and forth under his lips. I lifted my ass higher, pushing and grinding up and down against the rough stubble on his chin, my breath coming in short, labored bursts as my legs trembled harder.

My hands were on his head and I grabbed his hair in my fists as every muscle in my body tensed becoming stiff as a board as I cried out, covering his mouth and chin in the juices of my powerful orgasm. My pussy was still spasming when he disengaged his head from my legs and hands and stood between my legs.

He pulled my ass and hips up roughly and I came again as I felt Charlie, long and rock hard enter me. My pussy clutched his smooth velvety hardness tightly as he thrust himself into me, covering him with my sweet wetness. He lifted my feet to his shoulders and held me by the knees with one strong arm as his hips moved back and forth driving his cock deep into me over and over. My body bucked wildly to his rhythm drawing him deeper still, his balls slapping against my ass as he fucked me harder and faster.

When I heard his breath catch and his muscles stiffen, I pulled away moving swift as a cat, flipping around to catch him once again between my lips. I tasted myself on him as he exploded into my mouth. I sucked and licked until both of our juices were completely cleaned from his twitching cock.

I lifted my head and looked up to find him looking down at me, his hands on my shoulders to steady himself. I shot him a wink, licked my lips and said, “Pleasure to make your acquaintance cowboy.” I looked back down to his pelvis and said, “and you as well, Charlie!”


MMmm darl’n ya are the Cat’s meow shor nuff, tilt’n her head back, look’n in those gorgeous gleam’n blue eyes, lean’n down kiss’n her eyes, nose, sexy wet lips. Long, slow, deep kiss, tongues dance’n to the salty sweet taste, gently lay’n her down on the bed. Her head rest’n on my chest she moaned softly as I took a deep breath, the sweet scent of her hair as I stroke thru it with my fingertips, Darl’n and ya are a real darl’n, I’ve met and known some ladies but I don’t recall any of’em have’n a pussy like yours. We have a say’n, rode hard and put up wet but I gotta say make’n love to you is like rode harder and put up wetter! Every muscle in my body is so relaxed I couldn’t stay on a Tennessee Walk’n horse! As soon as I feel like I can get my legs under me again I’m gonna carry ya in for a shower. Give ya a soapy massage then I’ll call room service so we can enjoy some’n to eat and drink. I darn shor want more of you darl’n so hunker down we’re ah bunker’n together for a few days!

That folks was my first encounter with a city gal, one I’ll never forget for two reasons. The best ride I had was her because I finished last in the bull ride’n! A lady so wonderful and memorable she gave new mean’n to the say’n, she’s the Cat’s pajamas!




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4 thoughts on “Cowboy Meets City Gal

  1. Ron

    Hot as always! You sure do paint a pretty picture!

    • Cat

      hehehehehe! Thanks Ron 🙂

  2. Adam

    Wow that was hot as hell

    • Cat

      Thanks darlin 😉

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